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Dog Accessories

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Dog Accessories

Find the Perfect Canine Solutions

Are you in search of high-quality dog accessories for raising your canine companions? Look no further; we can assist you by offering an extensive range of canine-related products tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're shopping for personal use or require accessories for dogs in your breeding facility or kennel, we have everything you need.

Raising a dog demands patience, passion, and expertise, which is why selecting the right accessories is crucial. Having access to kennels, doghouses, and canine equipment is fundamental!

All our products are designed with the safety and well-being of dogs in mind. We understand that you want only the best for your dogs, whether they are your own or guests in your facility.

Features of Dogs Accessories

Do you need specific canine accessories?

We have you covered!

On our website, you'll find an extensive category of dog accessories, including spill-proof bowls, rotating bowls, and stainless steel waterers, as well as feeders, wooden whelping boxes with 1.5 cm thick marine-grade plywood, and insulated panels with anti-crush edges for puppy protection.

But that's not all! You'll also have the option to choose from wooden beds with insulated and raised bottoms, equipped with plastic feet or bordered with anti-chew sheet metal profiles.

All our canine accessories are designed to improve your dog's life by making it safer, more comfortable, and convenient. Our accessories cater to dogs of all sizes, from large breeds to medium and small ones.

You can also choose to have custom-made items according to your specific needs!

Types of Dogs Accessories

What do you need among our canine accessories? We list all our dog products below. Our canine-related items are designed to ensure the comfort and safety of your four-legged friend:

  • Automatic Stainless Steel Dog Waterer: Stainless steel dog waterer with automatic refill float; can be directly connected to the water supply. Includes filter and drain plug for easy cleaning.
  • Dog Waterer Floats: Floats for dog waterers with adjustable water level. Can be directly connected to the water supply.
  • Fixed Non-Spill Dog Bowl: Stainless steel dog bowl with an anti-tip system. Removable bowl and wall or mesh mounting.
  • Single Rotating Dog Bowl: Rotating dog bowl with galvanized anti-tip system. The stainless steel bowl is detachable for easy cleaning.
  • Double Rotating Dog Bowl: Double rotating dog bowl with a galvanized anti-tip system. Stainless steel bowls can be detached for easy cleaning.
  • Hopper Dog Feeder: Sheet metal hopper dog feeder, operates on a hopper system. Maximum capacity 10 kg. Top door for easy filling. Ideal for dog kibble and feed.
  • Wooden Whelping Box for Dogs: Wooden whelping box for dogs made from marine-grade plywood, featuring anti-crush edges and a removable and washable platform. The front grille is detachable.
  • Insulated Whelping Box (Wooden Bottom): Insulated whelping box for dogs with anti-crush edges and a removable and washable wooden bottom, using 3.5 cm thick insulated panels framed with sheet metal profiles. The front grille in galvanized iron is removable.
  • Wooden Bed for Dogs with Insulated Bottom: Insulated dog bed platform, raised from the ground, with a wooden cover and anti-chew sheet metal borders.
  • Plastic Grated Bottom: Green plastic panel, ideal as a grated bottom for cages, aviaries, etc. It is also used inside sheet metal trays for dog convalescence boxes.
  • Anti-Barking Device for Dogs: Anti-barking system for dogs, using a water spray. Programmable, eco-friendly, and made in Italy. The water anti-barking device is designed to stop a dog's nuisance barking naturally and painlessly. Particularly useful if you live in close proximity to neighbors, ensuring that your dog doesn't disturb them.

Do you already have everything you need for your dog? Nonetheless, visit our website to discover all our other product categories for dogs, such as outdoor dog kennels, doghouses, recovery cages, fencing panels, and pet carriers.

Our canine products are suitable for both personal use and for facilities like kennels and breeding farms. Customers appreciate the quality of the raw materials we use. We can also create custom-made dog products, including beds, platforms, and whelping boxes, tailored to your specific requirements.

Explore all our other dog boxes, doghouses, Crates, and products for dogs and other animals at

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