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Veterinary Cages

Veterinary Cages / Recovery Cages are an essential element to ensure the well-being of dogs, cats, and other small pets during their recuperation period.

The main concern during the recovery period is the need to provide the animal with an environment that is as hygienic, secure, and comfortable as possible.

Cages for dogs and cats are the ideal solution for clinics and veterinary practices that welcome animals in need of care or surgical procedures every day.

However, our cages can also serve as display boxes for selling puppies and various animals, as well as accommodating abandoned dogs and cats if you have a shelter.

Are you searching for recovery cages for cats or dogs but don't know how to choose the perfect one among the many available models to meet your needs?

We will assist you in making the best possible purchase decision. We are experts in designing and constructing kennels, enclosures, and recovery or display boxes for animals.

Our models of veterinary recovery cages can be single or modular, accommodating one or more animals, making them perfect for breeding, kennels, and veterinary facilities.

Each cage is made with high-quality materials to offer an environment that is as hygienic and comfortable as possible. Recovery cages, as well as other products you can find in our shop, are entirely artisanal and crafted to the highest quality standards, with great attention to detail and innovative production techniques.

We are aware that every animal has unique needs. That's why all our cages are fully customizable, with dimensions that vary based on the size and type of animal, to provide the best for our four-legged friends.

Recovery Cages for Dogs and Cats, Features, and Types

Whether you are purchasing recovery cages for dogs or a temporary shelter box for cats or dogs to place in your facility, the priority is always the same: providing animals with maximum comfort.

What does this mean? It means that the metal cage, whether for display or recovery, must be of the right size, insulated, and weather-resistant if placed outdoors.

Furthermore, the cage's structure must allow for the shelter and hospitality of dogs, cats, and other animals in a completely hygienic and practical manner, ensuring prompt healing and a comfortable stay. These are all features you can find in our selection of recovery cages.

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Features of Veterinary Recovery Cages

The choice of the right shelter or recovery cage, the materials used, and ease of cleaning are all factors that can make a difference in an animal's recovery.

Among the important features of our recovery cages, insulation is key, providing good thermal and acoustic insulation for the structure, which is ideal for kennels or training centers where the cages are primarily located outdoors.

Here is a general list of the most significant elements that characterize our solutions for animal recovery and shelter:

  • Insulated sandwich-type panels, 3.5 cm thick, framed by hot-dip galvanized and painted sheet metal profiles, and made inside 100% polyurethane.
  • Removable dividers that allow two compartments to be joined to accommodate a larger animal.
  • Front gates with bars or a 5x5 cm mesh, cold-galvanized with hinges and locking latches, framed in tubular steel.
  • Wheels with brakes, located at the base of the structure.
  • Removable floor, made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal with edges and rigid plastic grating.

The useful internal measurements vary depending on the model and the number of compartments available. However, they are generally designed to always provide enough space for the well-being of the animals in shelter.

Types of Shelter Cages for Dogs and Cats

Whatever your needs, we can meet them by offering various models of veterinary cages available in our online shop.

Here are some of the options for shelter and display boxes for dogs and other animals that you will find on our e-commerce platform:

  • Vet cages for dogs and cats: Veterinary recovery cages for dogs, cats, hedgehogs, and other small species. Ideal for veterinary clinics and pet stores.
  • Dog Kennel Outdoor mod. Training: Mod: Training boxes for dog breeding with insulated roofing for outdoor use. Ideal for the temporary shelter of dogs in canine centers, for agility training, or obedience training.

If you already have a cage for the shelter of cats and dogs, you may need to purchase additional equipment, such as a Plastic Grid base for vet cage. This is a sturdy plastic elevation used to protect and make the floor of a recovery cage more hygienic, but it can also be used for aviaries and rabbit hutches.

By visiting our online store, you can also find dog houses, fencing panels, carriers, and outdoor boxes.

Our Veterinary Cages for Dogs and Cats Are Easy and Quick to Assemble

The recovery cage is shipped already assembled or disassembled. But if you think our dog and cat shelter boxes are difficult to assemble, you're mistaken.

All our products come with instruction manuals and the necessary hardware to make assembly quick and easy, even if you don't have much experience.

We also guarantee ease of use and maintenance of the containment cage. In fact, all our dog and cat recovery cages are designed to be extremely easy to clean and sanitize, contributing to their long-term durability.

Recovery Cages for Dogs and Cats, Prices

You can purchase our cages directly online and benefit from an unbeatable quality-to-price ratio.

The standard price of each dog and cat cage may vary depending on the custom dimensions you choose. All our products are made with the highest quality techniques and materials, but the prices are competitive and affordable for every budget.

The advantage of turning to us is the possibility of receiving a customized product. Tell us your needs, and we will create the best veterinary box for your animals.

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