Aviaries and cages for birds

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Aviaries and cages for birds

We have a wide range of aviaries for numerous types of birds, such as quails, pheasants, chickens and turtle doves. 

The aviaries

The aviaries are made of electro-welded metal mesh, with a load-bearing structure in galvanized sheet or tubular metal. They can be extended by adding on extra modules. We make also customisable structures, plus panels and gates which are suitable for aviaries.

High quality standards

Our company is specialised in the design and production of modular enclosures for animals, including aviaries, both individual or in series, with panels and gates for aviaries made of galvanised mesh, 2.5 x 2.5 mesh and 2 mm wire or 1.9 x 1.9 mesh and 1,4 mm wire. Our products, all artisan crafted, are designed in detail, made with high quality Italian materials that are highly resistant to weather conditions, such as rain, wind or humidity.

Fast and easy to assemble

All our products are easy to assemble and are supplied with instructions and the necessary hardware

On-line offer

Do you need to buy an aviary on-line? Take a look at our extensive, on-line range of modular, heavy-duty, versatile aviaries, that are easy to clean and built to ensure the highest levels of quality and comfort.