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Bird Aviaries

Are you in search of aviaries and bird cages? We can assist you!

We offer a wide range of aviaries for various types of birds, including quails, pheasants, chickens, and doves.

Whether you have decided to dedicate yourself to bird breeding professionally or if it's just a hobby, you need to equip yourself with all the necessary products to ensure a serene life for the small birds.

All our products are carefully crafted to offer the highest quality to our customers, and an excellent price-quality ratio characterizes all our items.

Worried about the assembly of the aviaries? Don't fret; we've got it covered. Our products are easy to assemble, accompanied by simple instructions to follow.

Aviaries for Birds: Features and Types

We manufacture aviaries for birds of all sizes to ensure maximum comfort for both smaller and larger birds. All our aviaries are made of electro-welded metal mesh, with a supporting structure in galvanized sheet metal or tubular steel, with the option to expand by adding additional modules.

Do you need a particular type of aviary that you can't find on our website?

No problem, we can assist you. We also offer the option to customize our aviaries to meet every need.

Our quality standards are very high, and we are committed to producing modular structures for animals, including both single and series aviaries.

The panels and gates of the aviaries are made with galvanized mesh with a mesh size of 2.5 x 2.5 cm and wire thickness of 2 mm or 1.9 x 1.9 cm mesh with a wire thickness of 1.4 mm.

Our products are all handcrafted, meticulously crafted, made with high-quality Italian materials that are very resistant to weather conditions such as rain, wind, or humidity.

Types of Aviaries and Bird Cages

We have aviaries and bird cages that can meet all needs, whether for professional use in your facility or for your hobby.

  • Modular Aviary: Suitable for birds such as parrots, chickens, quails, doves, pheasants, etc. This type of cage is modular, so you can extend it as desired by assembling various compartments. Upon request, it can have a raised and walkable mesh floor (mesh size 10x1.5 cm) or a part enclosed in wood.
  • Custom Fencing for Dogs and Other Animals: Suitable for dogs, cats, birds, chickens, and other courtyard animals; it's the ideal product to keep them safe even outdoors.

Do you need accessories for aviaries and cages? Visit our website, and you will find everything you need to fill your aviary with all the necessary items. Explore all our other categories dedicated to the world of birds, such as pigeon and dove aviaries, cages, and aviaries for quails.

Aviaries for Birds, Prices

All our products meet high-quality criteria, as they are handmade.

Need to purchase an aviary online? Discover our extensive online offering of modular, durable, versatile aviaries, easy to clean, built to ensure the highest levels of quality and comfort on our website