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Dog Kennels outdoor

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Dog Kennels outdoor

Are you looking for an outdoor dog Kennel, but don't know which one is perfect for your needs?

If you need to purchase dog kennels for your facility, you will probably need modular ones for dogs, ideal for kennels or a breeding farm. You may need playpens for large, medium and small dogs, but also hospital cages and fence panels.

It's different if you need an outdoor dog house for your 4-legged friend in the garden. There are several aspects that you need to evaluate before purchasing it, namely:

  • if the dog, even during the night, prefers to stay in its kennel in the garden;
  • the size of the space you have available;
  • the size of the trust, therefore whether medium, large or small.

Undoubtedly we want our 4-legged friends to have a comfortable, comfortable and above all warm dog house in winter and cool in summer. Whether for private use in the home or for kennels or breeding facilities, the choice of product must always be made with the dog's well-being in mind.

So, how to choose among the many outdoor dog boxes? We will help you think about it and make the best possible choice of outdoor houses for dogs.

We specialize in the design and construction of outdoor dog houses, single dog enclosures, modular enclosures for kennels or breeding facilities with high quality standards.

All our dog boxes, as well as the other products we sell, are totally handcrafted, with attention to the smallest details, made with high quality Italian materials and according to excellent manufacturing techniques and constant innovation, completely customizable and adaptable to every need.

Outdoor dog Kennels, characteristics and types

Whether your purchases are for private use or you need to buy new dog boxes to place in your facility, we need to offer our animal friends maximum comfort. The products must be of the right size, able to withstand bad weather and protect dogs from very cold temperatures.

One of the characteristics of our outdoor dog boxes is that the roofs are insulated, or in any case equipped with insulating panels, therefore guaranteeing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for the house.

Visit our website and discover all the other products that may be useful to you, such as hospital cages, fence panels and carriers.


Characteristics of outdoor dog kennels

All our boxes have a sleeping area and a day area.

The sleeping area can be purchased with marine plywood panels treated with an impregnator (1.5 cm thick) or with insulated panels.

The living area is made with hot-dip galvanized steel mesh panels (5x5 cm mesh, 3.9 mm wire) or with galvanized steel panels and bars with a diameter of 1.2 cm and a distance of 6.5 cm.

Dog boxes with wooden sleeping areas are highly appreciated by our customers and are in fact often purchased. In addition to being beautiful to look at if you have to place the box in the garden, being covered in wood as a material, they are excellent against heat loss.

Types of outdoor dog kennels

What are your needs? We can help you by responding to your every need.

Among our outdoor dog boxes you can find:

  • Dog Kennel Outdoor mod. Modular + Doghouse mod. Great Dane - for large sized dogs, consisting of an insulated house kennel and hot-dip galvanized mesh fence. Equipped with a sleeping area and a living area, with the possibility of requesting a two-slope insulating panel covering and the side panels for the living area closed at the bottom in insulated, to prevent dogs from seeing each other. The boxes are designed for fixing to the ground;
  • Dog Kennel Outdoor mod. Eco + Doghouse mod. Dobermann - for medium and large sized dogs, consisting of an insulated house kennel and hot-dip galvanized mesh fence. Available with and without insulating panel cover. Kennel mod. Dobermann in insulating panels, 3.5 cm thick. living area made with mesh panels, 5x5 cm mesh, 3.9 mm thread;
  • Dog Kennel Outdoor mod. Eco + Doghouse mod. Collie - for medium and large sized dogs, consisting of an insulated house kennel and hot-dip galvanized mesh fence. Available with and without insulating panel cover. Fence expandable as desired;
  • Dog Kennel Outdoor mod. Labrador - Playpen for medium and large dogs, with a refined Italian design. Hot-dip galvanized mesh structure, with marine plywood panels, treated with impregnator and sleeping area covering in insulating panel. You can request the installation of a customizable fence.
  • Dog Kennel Outdoor mod. Cocker - Playpen for small, medium and large dogs, made up of a hot-dip galvanized mesh structure, marine plywood panels treated with impregnator and sleeping area cover in insulating panel.
  • Dog Kennel Outdoor mod. Training - Box ideal for temporary shelter, useful for dog training centers or dog agility training. Insulated roof, raised from the ground.

These are some of the products you will find on our e-commerce of pet kennels and playpens.

Do you already have an outdoor playpen for your dog and need to purchase accessories that will make the house even more comfortable? By visiting our online store, you can find splendid dog house, carriers and dog breeding accessories.


Our outdoor dog boxes are quick and easy to assemble

If you're thinking that our outdoor dog playpens are difficult to assemble, you're wrong.

All our products are very easy to assemble, as they come with an instruction manual and the necessary hardware.


Outdoor Kennels for dogs, prices

You can see the value of the product you purchase on our e-commerce site immediately, as the excellent value for money is immediately perceivable. The price of our dog playpens also depends a lot on the size of the dog, your needs and the type of dog house you want for him.

We can create tailor-made dog kennels for your 4-legged friend, you just have to explain to us what your needs are.