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Rabbits Cages

Do you have a rabbit farm or aspire to start one? Whether your venture is a hobby or a profession, high-quality rabbit cages are paramount to ensure the health and well-being of your rabbits. At, we are your trusted source for top-notch rabbit farming solutions, helping you achieve your productivity goals.

Your rabbit's cage is their home, and that's why we offer an extensive range of family-style breeding cages. These cages come equipped with essential accessories, including internal nests, feeders, waterers, and grated bottoms. Our rabbit cages, available in various sizes, types, and materials, are designed to provide a secure environment for your breeding rabbits, ensuring they can reproduce and rest in absolute comfort.

Key Features and Types of Rabbit Cages

A dependable rabbit cage should meet the needs of breeders, offering ease of management and a secure and welcoming living and breeding space. Our selection includes several types of professional rabbit cages:

  • Doe Cages: Designed with ample space for nursing female rabbits and convenient access for veterinary checks.
  • Fattening Cages: Tailored to facilitate the growth of rabbits during the fattening phase, featuring easy access for food administration.
  • Buck Cages: Providing a comfortable and secure environment for male rabbits, with sufficient room to move and straightforward access for cleaning and maintenance.

Our rabbit farming cages are both functional and durable, constructed from robust, high-quality materials. Their capacities vary depending on the model you select.

Outstanding Rabbit Cage Features

Our diverse range of rabbit cages boasts specific features tailored to your needs. Rabbit fattening and doe cages feature structures made from galvanized wire and sheet metal, featuring multiple levels—one for does and two divided into compartments for rabbits to be fattened. The outdoor model, with its metal wire front, includes an insulated roof and walls made of treated marine plywood, measuring 1.5 cm thick. These rabbit cages come equipped with:

  • Feeders
  • Portabottle or nipple waterers
  • Slides for waste in sheet metal or removable collection trays
  • Internal and/or external nests made of sheet metal
  • Hay racks
  • Grated bottoms

For some models, you can even request external nests made of plastic.

Varieties of Rabbit Cages Suited to Your Needs

Our website offers a range of rabbit farming solutions:

  • Buck Cage: Ideal for housing male rabbits, featuring rounded internal walls to promote mating.
  • 2 Doe Cage: A cage for two breeding does, complete with accessories, removable nests, a hay rack, plastic grid bottom, and waste collection tray.
  • 2 Outdoor Doe Cage Outdoor: Designed for two breeding does, with an insulated roof, walls of treated marine plywood, and included accessories.
  • 2 Doe + 8 Fattening Cage: A combination cage for two breeding does and eight rabbits for fattening, equipped with feeders, waterers, nipples, waste slides in sheet metal, and hay racks. You can request it with three fattening levels (excluding the doe level) for a total of 12 spots.
  • 3 Doe + 12 Fattening Cage: A combination cage for three breeding does and 12 fattening rabbits, complete with accessories and nests. It can be requested with three fattening levels (excluding the doe level) for a total of 18 spots.

If you already have a rabbit cage and need extra equipment, our online store offers various rabbit hutch accessories.

Easy and Swift Assembly of Our Rabbit Cages

Our rabbit cages are both practical and easy to assemble. Each cage comes with an instruction manual and a mounting kit, ensuring that assembly operations are quick and straightforward.

Rabbit Cage Prices

The prices of our rabbit cages reflect the exceptional quality of materials and construction techniques. It's a challenge to find rabbit cages that offer the same outstanding value for money as our solutions at

Explore all our affordable offers today. If you require customized sizes, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.