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Bird Cage Accessories

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Bird Cage Accessories

Are you in search of accessories for aviaries and bird cages? Explore this section of our website and discover how we can assist you in creating a comfortable environment for your feathered friends.

We offer an extensive range of extra equipment and accessories for aviaries, including clay nests, water dispensers, feeders, terracotta grit bowls, wire mesh floors, and much more.

Whether you have a dove, pigeon, or bird breeding operation, or if you own pet birds living in cages or aviaries, you know the importance of providing them with a secure, welcoming, and safe environment.

Choosing the right accessories is fundamental and can make a significant difference in the lives of your feathered companions, offering them stimulation, comfort, and well-being.

We can assist you by providing everything you need to make the cage or aviary that houses your birds complete and comfortable. All our bird cage accessories are safe and of high quality, designed to meet the needs of your feathered friends and allow them to eat, drink, and rest in peace.

Aviary and Bird Cage Accessories: Features and Types

Accessories for bird cages are essential for creating a comfortable and functional environment.

Feeders and water dispensers, for example, serve to provide food and fresh water to the birds. Similarly, nests are crucial, especially if the birds in the aviary or cage are species that lay eggs. In our company, we manufacture clay nests for pairs of doves and pigeons using a unique prototype machine in the world.

Both nests and other products in this category are certified and made with the best possible materials to safeguard the health of the feathered animals and ensure their maximum well-being.

Types of Accessories and Replacements for Bird Cages

Here are some models and types of accessories with which you can equip bird cages, customize them according to your animals' needs, and make them more comfortable:

  • Pigeon Nest: A nest for pigeons and doves, made of expanded clay and cement. It's insulating, durable, and easy to clean thanks to the removable front panel.
  • Bowls for Doves: Bowls for pigeon/dove nests. They can be placed inside nests to regulate the amount of loose clay needed for nesting.
  • Clay Cover for Dove Nest: A cover for pigeon/dove nests made of expanded clay and cement, making it more insulating and resistant.
  • Expanded Clay Bag for Dove Nests: A 25 kg bag of expanded clay for pigeon and dove nests. An ideal material for making nesting more practical and hygienic.
  • Multi-layer Nest for Doves: A multi-layer wooden nest for doves, suitable for outdoor use. It has a removable divider for easy cleaning.
  • Bird and Feeder Large and Small for chickens, hens, pigeons, parrots
  • Siphon Water Dispenser 30 L with Legs: A 30-liter water dispenser with siphon and raised legs, suitable for chickens, poultry, ducks, geese, and more.
  • Siphon Water Dispenser 22 L: A 22-liter water dispenser with a siphon for chickens, poultry, ducks, geese, and more.
  • Siphon Water Dispenser 6 L: A 6-liter water dispenser with siphon for chickens, poultry, ducks, doves, and more. It automatically refills by gravity.
  • Spain Model Water Dispenser: An automatic water dispenser for rabbits and doves, Spain Model. When connected to an external container, it refills automatically by gravity.
  • Bottle Holder Water Dispenser Model: A bottle holder water dispenser model for rabbits, doves, and chickens. Available in plastic or galvanized sheet metal, it comes with a bracket to insert an inverted bottle.

Do you need to purchase cages, aviaries, and other equipment for doves or other small birds? Explore our entire range dedicated to bird and avian products.

Accessories for Outdoor Aviaries, Online Prices

All our cage and aviary elements are made with the best raw materials available on the Italian market and processed using the most efficient and innovative artisan techniques.

As you can imagine, this is reflected in the cost of our products, which boast an excellent quality-to-price ratio, offering a truly varied range of types to choose from, suitable for your birds' needs.

Some products, such as clay nests, cannot be shipped by courier but can be purchased directly at our company's store.

Visit our website to discover all the products that has to offer!