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Are you looking for cages and aviaries for quail, both for egg-laying and fattening purposes?

We can assist you in finding the perfect setup for your bird breeding project, whether it's for professional use or simply a hobby. Whether your goal is to produce high-quality quail eggs or meat, it's crucial to equip yourself with the right tools and accessories to create an optimal breeding environment.

Quail breeding has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially due to the premium quality of both quail eggs and meat in the culinary world. Raising quail isn't overly complicated, but attention to cleanliness and safety in cages and aviaries is essential. The choice of quail breed, whether common or Japanese, also impacts your production goals, whether focused on eggs, meat, or both.

Although quails are small birds, it's necessary to provide them with adequate space. Therefore, the selection of cages and aviaries should be based on the number of birds you intend to accommodate.

Features and Types of quail cages 

As mentioned earlier, quail cages and aviaries should prioritize safety and tranquility for these small birds. Quails don't thrive in open spaces, so if you're considering free-range quail breeding in your garden, you might encounter potential escapes. Always choose the right products for quail breeding.

All our cages and aviaries are constructed using galvanized sheet metal and green plastic-coated wire mesh. Both egg-laying and fattening quail cages can house 40 to 50 birds. These cages are enclosed to prevent bird escapes and the entry of other predatory animals. The sloped cage floor facilitates egg collection.

A suitable quail aviary should cover at least 4 square meters. It's essential to place the aviary on the ground with a floor containing at least 3 centimeters of sand, bordered by a base of bricks to support the entire structure.

All our cages and aviaries come complete with accessories such as a water dispenser, feeder, and removable metal collection tray. They are made of electro-welded wire mesh, are detachable, and feature legs made of galvanized tubular steel. The cages are stackable, but special rubber fittings for stacking need to be requested separately.

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Have you decided to make a purchase but aren't sure which type of cage to choose? Below are the types you can find on our website.

  • EGG-LAYING QUAIL CAGE - This cage is entirely constructed from galvanized sheet metal and green plastic-coated wire mesh. It can hold up to 40 birds and comes complete with a feeder, a bottle-holder water dispenser, and a removable metal collection tray.
  • FATTENING QUAIL CAGE - The fattening quail cage is also made entirely from galvanized sheet metal and green plastic-coated wire mesh. It can hold up to 50 birds and includes a feeder, a bottle-holder water dispenser, a removable metal collection tray, and an upper door.

Do you want to purchase everything you need for your quail breeding? Check out our category of accessories for aviaries and cages to complete your quail breeding space.

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