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Cat enclosure material

Cat enclosure material



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Catio and Cat Houses for outside

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Catio and Cat Houses for outside

Do you have cats at home and want to create an outdoor space in your garden for them? Do you run a professional cat breeding business? In both cases, we can provide you with everything you need.

On our website, you'll find a selection of outdoor cat cages with enclosures, perfect for allowing your cats to enjoy the outdoors without the fear of them escaping.

Cats are curious animals by nature, and they tend to explore new places and have new experiences, sometimes putting their lives at risk. This is why specially designed cages for them can be a valid solution to allow them to enjoy the garden or terrace safely.

As you may already know, especially if you already have cats at home, not all individuals of this beautiful species willingly accept a cage, even a large one. Therefore, this is a choice you can make only if your cat has a calm temperament or if, by nature, you allow your cats to stay outdoors for many hours but want to prevent them from returning home injured, dirty, or in danger.

Outdoor cat cages are ideal, especially if one or more female cats in heat are about to give birth, as these cages can be seen by them as a safe place to stay.

All our outdoor cat enclosures are designed to separate the sleeping area from the daytime area. The sleeping area is made of treated marine plywood, while the daytime area is made of galvanized wire mesh with a mesh size of 1.9x1.9 cm and a wire diameter of 1.4 mm, which can be extended by adding more modules.

We also offer stackable cat cages made of welded wire mesh with a 5x5 cm mesh size and a wire diameter of 3.9 mm.

Features and Types of Catio's and Outdoor Cat Enclosures

All our products and items for cats are made only with top-quality materials. We want to offer our customers the best while ensuring a comfortable outdoor environment for these small felines.

Our outdoor cat enclosures are modular and extendable, making both the sleeping and daytime areas comfortable. Furthermore, the outdoor cat enclosures and cages are all made with weather-resistant materials, such as marine plywood treated with non-toxic impregnating agents for the sleeping area and galvanized steel sheets and panels for the daytime area. These materials are very sturdy and weather-resistant.

Types of Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Below, we list our range of outdoor enclosures for felines.

  • WOODEN CAT ENCLOSURES - available in various sizes, equipped with a wooden sleeping area with a door and cat flap, a daytime area with wire mesh, and a metal roof. Also suitable for small dogs, chickens, rabbits, and other backyard animals.
  • INSULATED AND GALVANIZED CAT ENCLOSURES - featuring an insulated shelter made of insulated panels and an external cage made of galvanized wire mesh, covered with a roof. Also suitable for small dogs, chickens, rabbits, and other backyard animals. Insulated in the sleeping area, easy to clean and sanitize, with panels made of weather-resistant galvanized steel in the daytime area.

Do you have other small animals, dogs, rabbits, or chickens? Our cat cages can also be suitable for their needs.

Prices of Outdoor Cat Enclosures

All our products for cats, including cages and enclosures, offer excellent value for money. They are available online, and you can conveniently purchase them whenever you want on