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Dog accessories

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Dog accessories

Looking after one or more dogs requires commitment and expertise. To do this well, it is important to have not just the main structure, such as enclosures and kennels, but also suitable accessories for all situations.

Vast range of accessories

We have a wide range of accessories for dogs: anti-tip bowls, stainless steel swivel food and drink bowls, food dispensers, whelping boxes in 1.5 cm thick marine plywood and insulated panels with anti-crushing edge to protect puppies, wooden cots with insulated base and plastic feet, anti-chew steel edging, platform with steel feet which raise the entire bed.

Anti-bark device

 An essential accessory if you live near other houses and need to stop your dog barking. This totally harmless, anti-bark device is very effective and can be programmed to your needs. It is economic, practical and safe. It stops your dog from barking naturally.


All our accessories are suitable for both single enclosures and large kennels. We can also make cots, platforms and boxes to measure.

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The products are all available for purchase on-line and offer an excellent quality-price ratio.