Ferranti: pet supplies

Our company has been operating in Italy since 1981, and is a leader in the field of dogs and pets. With our experience, we have designed and built facilities for the breeding of dogs, pigeons, chickens, rabbits and birds with extreme practicality and functionality. In particular, we are specialized in the sale of kennels, cabins and pens for dogs, chicken coops, cages, hutches for cats, birds and rabbits. We sell online all over Europe: you can receive our products, complete with the necessary hardware, in your own home and by telephone appointment with delivery; you can pay by bank transfer, credit cart or PayPal. Our products fit the needs of small and large breeders, thanks to a wide range of items and accessories, and the tailored structures which can be made. Our company designs and supplies kennels and structures for dogs with passion and expertise, intended to offer innovative solutions which are versatile and stand the test of time. Our experience allows us to find the best solutions for our customers’ demands, and to adapt and customize our facilities to ensure maximum usability.

Customized kennels, doghouses and fence panels

If you are looking for a custom-made kennel or dog cabin for your dog, you are in the right place. Our dog kennels and houses are attractive and weather-resistant, can be customized and are made from high quality materials to ensure warmth and dryness for your pets, even in bad weather conditions. We build shelters, fences and houses for dogs of excellent quality and at unbeatable prices, with particular attention paid to detail. Modular fence panels for dog kennels, equipment and facilities for dog breeders and training centers, products for puppies, and dog kennels and boxes for the individual dog are all available. In addition to the facilities we also provide a wide range of accessories: drinkers, feeders, benches, whelping boxes, bowls (fixed or swivel) and much more.

Cages, aviaries, rabbit hutches, chicken coops and accessories

We have a wide range of prefabricated structures for chickens, rabbits, birds, cats, etc., complete with accessories, both in sheet metal and insulated panels. Our houses are suitable for outdoor use and designed to last. Also available are net enclosures and a wide range of accessories such as feeders, drinkers, nests anti-crush for collecting eggs, etc. We make chicken coops, poultry houses and cages for family or professional use, suitable for accommodating various types of animals in a practical and hygienic way.

Quality, Aesthetics, but also Saving

Our products can be custom made, so they can adapt to any aesthetic requirements while remaining extremely functional. Thanks to the multitude of models, you will be able to choose the solutions that best fit your needs.

Modularity and Hygiene

Our houses can be combined, saving space by sharing walls. They are also removable: this greatly facilitates dispatch and transport operations as well as assembly. We pay great attention to animal hygiene; all our structures are built with non-absorbent materials, and are designed in such a way as to minimize the places where ticks, fleas, parasites, bacteria and insects lurk. The wooden platforms can be easily extracted, allowing cleaning and disinfecting with extreme ease and speed.

Qualified personnel and deliveries throughout Europe (EU)

For the creation and customization of products we use the latest materials and machines, as well as skilled personnel willing to listen to your every need. We are specialized in online sales: we ship by courier on telephone appointment, and we accept payments by bank transfer, credit cart or PayPal; we also deal with the transportation and installation on request.
Our company have a store open for customers and a show-room where you can see all our products.

Where we are

Ferranti srl unipersonale
Via Vicinato n. 43 - Fraz. Fratta 
06036 Montefalco (PG) - Italy
Phone and fax (+39) 0742 399096 (italian only)
Email: info@ferrantinet.com - Pec: ferranti.srl@pec.it
Opening time: Monday / Friday 8:00-13:00   14:00-17:00 | Saturday 8:00-12:00


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Driving Directions

  • From  SS3 Foligno / Spoleto, exit at Trevi/Montefalco
  • Head towards Montefalco, and continue straight on towards Fratta for 8 km (do not turn off, regardless of signs for Montefalco)
  • At the traffic lights in Fratta, turn left over the bridge.
  • Stay on the main road for 2 km (pass the sports field and the bar)


GPS coordinates

lat 42.840214
long 12.688930