Ferranti: Animal cages and Kennels

Our history

A story made of creativity, brain, passion, innovation, evolution, started as a game with clay nests for pigeons sold under the house, which has reached the digital economy. History of a company that grows putting in first place the customer and the pets needs.

The origins

The company was born in the 80s from the creativity, brain and passion for mechanics of Enzo Bonacci born in 1947. Taking up the challenge by his friend, pigeon breeder, about design a mold to be able to make clay nests by hand, Enzo invented a real machinery, a unique prototype of its kind, which automatically made the nests for pigeons at a lower cost  than the market price. The unstoppable creativity leads him to merge his passion for "Lancia" cars in the designed machinery, leading the mechanism, with a disused steering wheel of the car of his dreams.

Shortly after the first sales of nests arrived, in the shop of agricultural equipment under the house, owned by his wife Claudia Ferranti.

The desire to innovate induce the founder, on his own design, to create the iron cages to insert the nests.

Therefore he began to look around attending the first sector fairs with the intent to innovate and improve his products; the entrepreneurial drive had now started, he went on to build cages for chickens, for quails, for rabbits, for all the farmyard animals that were raised in the area.

Towards the end of the 1980s, the business expanded to include the pet sector and the first boxes, fences, cages, kennels for dogs and cats with an exclusive design and excellent quality characteristics. In a short time, the company became a point of reference not only for private animal lovers, but also for professional dog and cat lovers, for animal protection organizations, for public security.

The generation change

Michele Bonacci, son of the founder Enzo, in 2000 takes the company into the digital economy, offering customers the possibility, through the e-commerce website and various digital media, to have the greatest number of information and images on the products, buy comfortably from home and receive the goods at home. Strengthened by the Italian experience, he began to expanding abroad, opening borders also to customers from all Europe.

In 2019 the cultural revolution begins, investing in Research and Development and in the best customer care, the company turns into srl, the new logo is born, new products are born to offer customers better solutions for animal welfare.

What and how we do it and the products quality

The Ferranti brand since 1981 has been a leader in the production of animal equipment. The company designs and manufactures with passion and competence boxes for dogs and cats, kennels and fences for dogs, chicken coops, aviaries and rabbit hutches, offering innovative, versatile and long-lasting solutions. All products are modular, practical and functional, they adapt to every type of need and can also be made on measure. Every detail is designed to offer comfort and safety to animals.

The structures are handcrafted by expert and competent staff with exclusively Italian and high quality materials.

The materials are only excellences, such as insulated panels made of 100% polyurethane; the galvanized and painted sheet with protective film; the sturdy thick iron; the electro-welded mesh, the hardware such as hinges, hinges, bolts are highly durable over time; the wood is marine plywood suitable for outdoor use, treated with non-toxic and washable impregnating agent used in the nautical sector.

The manufacturing processes also reflect the best artisan practices carried out with technologically advanced machinery for processing, welding and profiling of iron: stirrup benders, shaping machines, cutting machines for bars and profiles for metal structural work, machines for assembling the poles , welding and punching machines, which allow to respond to specific customer needs.

Galvanizing, the process that protects the iron over time from bad weather, rust and aggressive cleaning products, is also done exclusively in Italy by the best experts in the sector.


Who are our customers

Ferranti srl is for private animal lovers and for professional dog and cat lovers, for animal protection bodies, for public safety, creating structures suitable for the needs of both small and large breeders and poultry farmers. The experience in the sector allows the company to offer the best solutions and to adapt and customize the buildings to ensure maximum usability even with tailor-made processes.

The 40 years of experience of Ferranti srl and the continuous innovation have allowed it to refine a technical level that can offer to the customer an excellent value for money.

Since 2000 Ferranti srl has also been selling online with his e-commerce website throughout Italy and abroad in all Europe using national and international couriers. The customer can buy comfortably from home using various forms of payment and receive the desired products at home by appointment.

A large showroom, in the company headquarters, is open to the public for a better view and choice of the product, with the possibility of immediate purchases.

Where we are

Ferranti srl unipersonale
Via Vicinato n. 43 - Fraz. Fratta 
06036 Montefalco (PG) - Italy
Phone and fax (+39) 0742 399096 (italian only)
Email: info@ferrantinet.com - Pec: ferranti.srl@pec.it
Opening time: Monday / Friday 8:00-13:00   14:00-17:00 | Saturday 8:00-12:00


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Driving Directions

  • From  SS3 Foligno / Spoleto, exit at Trevi/Montefalco
  • Head towards Montefalco, and continue straight on towards Fratta for 8 km (do not turn off, regardless of signs for Montefalco)
  • At the traffic lights in Fratta, turn left over the bridge.
  • Stay on the main road for 2 km (pass the sports field and the bar)


GPS coordinates

lat 42.840214
long 12.688930

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