Aviaries for pigeons

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Aviaries for pigeons

Are you about to start breeding doves professionally or as a past-time? Take a look at our offers; you will find a wide range of products to meet your needs.

Wide range of enclosures

We have aviaries for 3, 6 or 8-10 pairs of doves. The structure is in hot-galvanised sheet metal, with a front basket in mesh, 2.5 x 2.5 mesh and 2 mm wire, terracotta nests, with a removable front panel for easy cleaning, sliding food dispenser which can be filled externally, plus an automatic drink dispenser, Spain model, with automatic filling and grit bowl (mineral salts).  It features a side access door for cleaning and corrugated steel roof. (we use wooden nests, instead of clay ones, for courier shipments).

Production materials

The aviaries for dove breeding are made exclusively by us in electrowelded metal mesh with a sheet metal or galvanised tubular support structure. They always include all the necessary accessories.  

On-line prices

Excellent quality-price ratio for all our aviaries, manufactured using the very best artisan techniques.