Cages and Enclosures for cats

We have outdoor enclosures divided into a sleeping area, made of marine plywood treated for outdoor use, and a day area in galvanised wire mesh, 1.9x1.9 mesh and 0.14 wire, extendible to add more modules. We also have stackable cages for cats in electrowelded wire mesh, 5 x 5 cm mesh and 0.39 cm wire. If you need customised sizes, we can also make made-to-measure enclosures.

Extendible modular enclosures

It is possible to extend all our enclosures, both the sleeping and daytime area, by adding extra modules. 

Excellent weather proofing

The materials used to make the enclosures are marine plywood treated with non-toxic stain, sheet metal and galvanised steel panels which are heavy-duty and highly resistant to bad weather.

Fast and easy to assemble

All our products are easy to assemble and are supplied with instructions and the necessary hardware.

Cages and Enclosures for cats

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