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  • Cages for rabbits

    We have a wide range of rabbit cages, for family-type farms, complete with accessories. Our hutches are available for breeding, fattening or male rabbits. Also available insulated Rabbit hutches for outdoor use.

  • Cages for hares

    Cages and hutches for hares for family or professional breeding, complete with accessories. They are made for outdoor use, and are insulated and easy to clean.

  • Accessories for hutches

    Various accessories for rabbit hutches: nests, feeders, drinkers, grids, etc..

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  • 70,00 €
    4 Review(s) 

    The male rabbit cage is made of galvanised sheet metal and net; it is equipped with internal walls rounded to facilitate coupling. The rabbit hutch comes complete with feeder and drinker bottle holder,...

    70,00 €
  • 105,00 €
    6 Review(s) 

    This rabbit cage is suitable for 2 breed, and is equipped with a rack for hay, plastic bottom grid and manure plate removable. The cage is full of feeders, drinkers bottle holder and external nests in...

    105,00 €
  • 140,00 €
    18 Review(s) 

    This rabbit cage for rabbits 2 breed is suitable for outdoor use, as it is made with walls in treated marine plywood and roof in insulated panel. Front and bottom are in anti-mouse mesh. The rabbit hutch is...

    140,00 €
  • 245,00 €
    4 Review(s) 

    The rabbit hutch is made up of one floor for 2 Breeds and two floors with 4 compartments for fattening. The rabbit cage comes complete with feeders, nipple drinkers, metal sheet rabbit manure slides, hay...

    245,00 €
  • 340,00 €
    5 Review(s) 

    The rabbit hutch is made up of one floor for 3 Breed and two floors with 6 compartments for fattening. The rabbit cage come complete with feeders, nipple drinkers, manure slides rabbits sheet, hay racks and...

    340,00 €
  • 510,00 €
    2 Review(s) 

    The cage for hares is designed in treated marine plywood for outdoor use. The structure is made of sturdy galvanised steel. The bottom is in galvanised mesh and reinforced. The hutch for hares is equipped...

    510,00 €
  • 5,50 €
    4 Review(s) 

    Feeder / Food dispenser in metal sheet, with 1 or 2 compartments (ideal for rabbits, chickens, etc..).SIZE:14 x 14 x 25h cm (feeder 1 compartment)18 x 14 x 25h cm (feeder 2 compartment)

    5,50 €
  • 8,00 €
    3 Review(s) 

    Drinker model Spain autofill (ideal for rabbit, pigeons, etc...). Thanks to the internal float, it refills automatically by gravity from the outer container connected by a tube. For assembly, cut the mesh...

    8,00 €
  • 3,00 €
    7 Review(s) 

    Water bottle holder Drinker made of plastic or galvanised steel (ideal for rabbits, doves, chickens, etc.). It is refilled by fitting an inverted bottle. For fixing you must cut the mesh close to the bowl,...

    3,00 €
  • 2,50 €
    1 Review(s) 

    Nipple drinker to attach to the net (for rabbits). It works by connecting a pipe to an external container.

    2,50 €
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