Dog Kennels

Our company is specialised in the design and implementation of any kind of kennel, box, shelter or house for dogs. We specialise in online sales to private individuals, but we also work with public and private kennels, catteries, organisations and associations, municipalities, dog and animal shops, dog lovers centres, health and veterinary care, etc. We install multi-purpose, professional, safe and versatile solutions; box in the shed, garage storage, hallways, prefabricated, environmentally friendly housing solutions for various animals. Our products are studied in detail and made with insulating materials and are easily cleaned.


Our insulating structures are made with insulated panels consisting of rigid polyurethane foam injected between two rolled steel galvanised laminates, pre-painted and fired, framed with a profiled sheet. With this solution, we obtain structures with a high insulation coefficient thus maintaining the ideal temperature for the dog both in winter and summer. The high quality of our materials ensures durability of the products, and excellent resistance to weathering, washing and sanitizing. The platform inside our box and kennels is built in marine plywood, it is raised from the ground, and ensures total comfort and insulation from moisture.

Dog Kennels

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