Dog Kennels

Which is the best kennel for you? A dog kennel consists of a run in galvanised mesh or insulated panels (fully closed or closed at the bottom), covered with a roof and often with a dog bed inside.

High quality standards

Our company is specialised in the design and manufacture of dog kennels, runs for individual dogs or modules for dog rescue homes or breeding businesses with high quality standards. Our products, all artisan crafted, are designed in detail, made with high-quality Italian materials using excellent, constantly updated production techniques; fully customisable to adapt of your needs.

Kennel made of marine wood and galvanised steel insulated panels

The daytime areas are made with hot-dip galvanised steel mesh panels, 5 x 5 mesh and 0.39 wire or panels with galvanised steel bars with a 1.2 cm diameter and 6.5 cm gap. The kennels, made of stained marine plywood and 1.5 cm thick, are also very popular.

Fast and easy to assemble

All our products are easy to assemble and are supplied with instructions and the necessary hardware.

On-line offer

Do you need to purchase a dog kennel on-line? Take a look at our extensive, on-line range of modular, heavy-duty, versatile products, that are easy to clean, well-insulated and built to ensure the highest levels of quality and comfort.


Give your dog the best! We produce products in different formats with an excellent quality-price ratio. Do you need a made-to-measure kennel for your dog? Contact us. Feel free to send us your project and we will build a kennel to your specifications.

Dog Kennels

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