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WE ALWAYS DELIVER TO YOUR HOME! Visit our site, click on what you prefer, the e-commerce will calculate the amount and transport costs, finally choose how to pay. We will deliver you in 15 working days with the DHL Freight courier. Buy from the comfort of your home

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Boxes, kennels suitable for any pets by Ferranti.

Ferranti’s pet products brand is been a must since 1981.

We are expert in online selling kennels and boxes, cages for cats and birds, henhouses and rabbit hutches. Our products are suitable for any need, and it is also possible to create custom-made products. 

We can project and generate with passion and competence any equipment with the purpose of best serve our clientele by providing innovative and enduring solutions. We have a wide range of prefabricated structures for hens, rabbits, birds, cats, inclusive of accessories, both made out of metal sheet and insulating panels.

Our boxes can be assembled sequentially. 

Furthermore, our equipment can be disassembled and it will facilitate considerably shipping and transportation.

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