• Outdoor dog box
  • Outdoor dog houses


    The kennel is a product that must be chosen with care, because it is the place where our faithful friend takes shelter from the cold, heat and bad weather. Choose it from our models are all suitable also for the outdoor, and in the features you want: a comfortable kennel made with 1.5 cm thick marine plywood panels treated with protective impregnating and insulated roof; an insulated kennel, of the size you prefer, resistant, non-toxic, easily washable, well insulated, made with 3.5 cm thick insulating panels. In all our kennels the internal platforms are raised and made of washable marine plywood and the entrance is made of anti-bite sheet, hot-dip galvanized and painted. All our products are easy to assemble, have instructions and the necessary hardware..


  • Veterinary Cages

    Our veterinary or display cage for dogs and cats is the ideal solution for veterinary practices or pet shops. It can be used as a practical and hygienic shelter for convalescent dogs, cats or other animals or as a display box for selling puppies and various animals. The size can also be customised.

    Quality structure

    Made of sandwich-type insulating panels, with a thickness of 3.5 cm, externally in hot-dip galvanized and painted steel, internally 100% polyurethane, the removable partitions allow two compartments to be joined together to accommodate larger animals. The gates are made of cold galvanized, 50 x 50 mesh and 4 mm wire, with hinges and closing bolt and tubular steel frame. The bottom can be removed and consists of a hot-dip galvanized sheet metal plate with edges and rigid plastic grid. There are four wheels on the base of the structure. 

    Easy to assemble

    Very easy to assemble, use and clean. Long-term durability and guaranteed hygiene. 

    Prices and on-line offers

    The veterinary cages can be purchased on-line. You can choose if you want to receive them ready-assembled or flat-packed. Excellent quality-price ratio. 

  • Fences with modular...

    Build the run you want to your project specifications

    Our run panels in mesh, bars or combined steel and insulation allow you to decided how to build your run. The run panels are modular, so you can implement and complete them at any time. We offer numerous solutions which easily adapt to any dog and space. Panels also available for puppies or made-to-measure mesh or insulated panels. All our products are easy to assemble and are supplied with instructions and the necessary hardware. They are joined together with nuts and screws and anchored to the ground with expansion bolts or stakes.

    Panels in all sizes

    Depending on the size of your dog, you can choose the size of panel to fit your needs. The panels and gates can also be made-to-measure for special requirements.  The finish is available in mesh or bars, fully insulated and closed off at the base. The mesh measures 5 x 5 cm with 0.39 wire and the bars have a diameter of 1.2 cm with a 6.5 cm gap. Now it’s up to you to choose!

    The best panels with anti-corrosion treatment

    Our panels are supplied with anti-corrosion treatment, made by hot-dip galvanizing for total immersion in a molten zinc bath. 

    Excellent quality-price ratio

    Even if you want the best for your dog, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the price!

    You can always find all the panel and gate formats in our e-shop which we produce in-house at a market-leading quality-price ratio.

  • Car dog carriers

    Do you need a carrier to transport your dog or cat in the car? Choose convenience and safety; choose from our wide variety of carriers

    Wide variety of models

    You can choose between shaped carriers in various sizes, carriers in electrowelded mesh (5 x 5 cm mesh and 0.39 wire), cold-galvanised, carriers in hot-galvanised sheet metal with plastic bars on the base. The base can be in sheet metal with a wood or carpet edge.

    Custom-made carriers

    We make made-to-measure carriers for dogs and cats. To receive a quote, please send us your design and we will produce your projects.

    On-line offers

    Excellent materials for an excellent quality-price ratio, available for purchase on-line.

  • Dog accessories

    Looking after one or more dogs requires commitment and expertise. To do this well, it is important to have not just the main structure, such as enclosures and kennels, but also suitable accessories for all situations.

    Vast range of accessories

    We have a wide range of accessories for dogs: anti-tip bowls, stainless steel swivel food and drink bowls, food dispensers, whelping boxes in 1.5 cm thick marine plywood and insulated panels with anti-crushing edge to protect puppies, wooden cots with insulated base and plastic feet, anti-chew steel edging, platform with steel feet which raise the entire bed.

    Anti-bark device

     An essential accessory if you live near other houses and need to stop your dog barking. This totally harmless, anti-bark device is very effective and can be programmed to your needs. It is economic, practical and safe. It stops your dog from barking naturally.


    All our accessories are suitable for both single enclosures and large kennels. We can also make cots, platforms and boxes to measure.

    Purchase on-line

    The products are all available for purchase on-line and offer an excellent quality-price ratio.

  • Chicken coops and...

    We produce a wide range of coops for laying hens, chickens, chicks, capons, turkeys, geese, ducks and other small farmyard animals. 

    Dedicating yourself to breeding poultry is an exciting adventure, but you need to make sure you have all the right shelters, whether for amateur or professional use. Our chicken coops are suitable for outdoor use and are designed to be long-lasting.

    Insulated chicken coops

    We have insulated chicken coops for use in areas where shelter from the cold is needed. The material used to insulate the chicken coop is 100%, top-quality polyurethane.

    Raised or ground coops

    The choice between these two types of coops depends on the requirements of the area in which the coop is placed. It may be necessary to keep the hens off the ground to stop harmful animals getting in or to make cleaning easier. Alternatively, you may prefer to leave the birds to roam free on the ground.

    Mini chicken coops

    If you this your first experience at keeping chickens, you can opt for a mini coop in different versions, fitted with all the accessories from food to drink dispensers.

    Fences for extending chicken coops

     We also supply mesh fences for extending your chicken coop, which can also be made to measure.

  • Chicken coop accessories

    We have a wide range of accessories for laying hens, chickens, chicks, geese and small farmyard animals.

    To start this adventure, you need to acquire all the equipment necessary to house the different types of animals in a practical and hygienic manner.

    Top-quality accessories

     Vast assortment of accessories, such as food and drink dispensers, nests for laying hens in sheet metal with anti-crushing ramp and egg collector tanks, in various formats and sizes.

    Purchase on-line 

    Are you looking for poultry keeping accessories on-line? Take a look at our offers and get your organic poultry breeding set-up started.


    We produce products with an excellent quality-price ratio and which look good in your garden.

  • Animal shelters sheep...

    We make houses and shelters for pigs, sheep and goats in sheet metal with insulated panels which can also be customised.

    Top-quality materials

    Your choice of material from corrugated metal, treated marine plywood for outdoor use or with insulated panels. Galvanized tubular structures. 

    Wide variety of sizes

    Choice of small, medium or large. Our shelters are suitable for different types of farmyard animals, including goats, sheep, pigs, etc.

    On-line offer

    Do you need to buy a shelter for your pigs or sheep on-line? Take a look at our offers or contact us to have one made-to-measure.

  • Aviaries and cages for...

    We have a wide range of aviaries for numerous types of birds, such as quails, pheasants, chickens and turtle doves. 

    The aviaries

    The aviaries are made of electro-welded metal mesh, with a load-bearing structure in galvanized sheet or tubular metal. They can be extended by adding on extra modules. We make also customisable structures, plus panels and gates which are suitable for aviaries.

    High quality standards

    Our company is specialised in the design and production of modular enclosures for animals, including aviaries, both individual or in series, with panels and gates for aviaries made of galvanised mesh, 2.5 x 2.5 mesh and 0.20 cm wire or 1.9 x 1.9 mesh and 0.14 cm wire. Our products, all artisan crafted, are designed in detail, made with high quality Italian materials that are highly resistant to weather conditions, such as rain, wind or humidity.

    Fast and easy to assemble

    All our products are easy to assemble and are supplied with instructions and the necessary hardware

    On-line offer

    Do you need to buy an aviary on-line? Take a look at our extensive, on-line range of modular, heavy-duty, versatile aviaries, that are easy to clean and built to ensure the highest levels of quality and comfort.

  • Aviaries for pigeons

    Are you about to start breeding doves professionally or as a past-time? Take a look at our offers; you will find a wide range of products to meet your needs.

    Wide range of enclosures

    We have aviaries for 3, 6 or 8-10 pairs of doves. The structure is in hot-galvanised sheet metal, with a front basket in mesh, 2.5 x 2.5 mesh and 0.2 wire, terracotta nests, with a removable front panel for easy cleaning, sliding food dispenser which can be filled externally, plus an automatic drink dispenser, Spain model, with automatic filling and grit bowl (mineral salts).  It features a side access door for cleaning and corrugated steel roof. (we use wooden nests, instead of clay ones, for courier shipments).

    Production materials

    The aviaries for dove breeding are made exclusively by us in electrowelded metal mesh with a sheet metal or galvanised tubular support structure. They always include all the necessary accessories.  

    On-line prices

    Excellent quality-price ratio for all our aviaries, manufactured using the very best artisan techniques.

  • Quail Cages

    On-line sale of cages for quails, both for breeding and fattening birds. 

    Do you want to start a small quail breeding set-up? Take a look at our offers and find the product meets your needs!

    Structures and accessories for quail cages

    All the cages include accessories, such as food and drink dispensers and removable sheet metal laying tray. They are made of electrowelded metal mesh with galvanised tubular legs and can be dismantled. The cages can be stacked. Make sure you request the rubber stacking feet.

    On-line prices

    Easy-to-assemble products at affordable prices 

  • Accessories for...

    We have a wide range of accessories for bird cages and aviaries, such as clay nests, drink and food dispensers, clay bowls for grit and grid bases.

    Quality materials

    Accessories made of the very best raw materials on the Italian market and produced using the most efficient artisan techniques.

    Clay nests for doves

    Clay nest for pairs of doves or pigeons. The front panel can be removed for easy cleaning. Product not available for shipping by courier, but can be purchased in our on-site company shop. It is the first product made in-house with a unique world-exclusive machine prototype.


    We produce products in different formats with an excellent quality-price ratio. 

  • Cages for rabbits

    We have a wide range of rabbits cages for family-type farms, complete with all the necessary accessories such as nests, food and drink dispensers and base grids. 

    Types of hutches

    We also have hutches for breeding, fattening and male rabbits. We also have fully insulated hutches for outdoor use.

    Quality materials

    Our cages are made of 1.5-cm thick marine plywood treated with a non-toxic stain, or in mesh and sheet metal.


    Find out about our affordable offers. Ask us for a quote if you’d like a made-to-measure version.

  • Accessories for hutches

    Wide range of various accessories for rabbit hutches: nests, food and water dispensers, grid bases and more.

    If you are looking for accessories for your rabbit hutch, take a look at our offers. We also have drinking bottles to attach the side (for rabbits). It works by connecting a tube to an external container.


    Made with artisan expertise and top quality materials

    Purchase on-line

    Our accessories are all available for purchase on-line. They will be delivered to you by courier within a few days. Excellent quality-price ratio.

  • Outdoor cat cages with...
  • Traps

    We stock traps for rats, moles, mice and voles. Larsen-type traps for crows and corvids.

    Made of hot-galvanized mesh and available with 2 or 4 entrances and in the medium and large version.

    Wide range of traps

    We stock cages for catching rats, moles, mice and voles; ideal for catching stray cats as well, for rounding up, treatment and sterilisation; also useful for authorities appointed to control the population of harmful wild animals. Larsen-type cages also available with live bait compartment.


    Made of hot-galvanized mesh with the best materials and artisan expertise.


    Excellent quality-price ratio, direct courier shipping to your door.

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